Eco Friendly Construction

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Eco Friendly Construction

We all like to do our bit for the environment. You can now too! The construction industry is becoming more and more environmentally friendly as more and more echo friendly constructions techniques become available.

Eco friendly construction is a building structure that is beneficial and non harmful to the environment and resource efficient.

Materials used today offer more advantage with construction as more more and more buildings are built using long lasting  and hard wearing materials and products that are more easily obtainable.

It is important to remember when building or renovating there is always waste. no matter what material you use. That’s where we come in, before starting any project you need to consider ethical ways to dispose of your waste, such as skip bin hire. Skip and Bin Hire Central Coast NSW, can provide skip bins of varying sizes for construction waste for large projects to the small home renovation and can send appropriate materials for recycling, for example concrete and brick waste.



Going Green During Construction

With the increased efficiency and the new sustainable materials your building can now enjoy increased heating and cooling. Not to mention various government subsidies and tax benefits are available to creating buildings which have less impact on the environment. For example solar panels, are good for the environment and great savings can be had on saving energy.



Eco Friendly Building Materials

Yes there are ways to recycle even when building and can save you considerable expense

  • Recycled building materials can save $$ . For example Timber..reclaimed timbers , window frames. metal roofing, all goes a long way to reducing the impact on on our environment where they can be reused. 
  • Also consider the new products that you use, are they long term beneficial. Whilst some items are costly, the long term benefits will be rewarded


Some Eco Friendly Construction materials:

  • Green thermal Insulation
  • structural insulated panels
  • recycled metal
  • reclaimed wood
  • precast concrete slabs
  • bamboo
  • cork
  • cement made of recycled plastic


Disposing of Waste the Eco Friendly Way

Waste does not help you build a eco friendly home, but hiring in a bin and disposing of the waste correctly does. Not all waste can be recycled but don’t forget what can.e,g concrete/brick waste . This can improve your builds green strategy and prevent all wastes going to landfill

If you are building and trying to benefit from eco friendly building materials, choose a skip bin hire business that recycles waste where possible and saves landfill sites.


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