Hiring Skip Bins Over The Christmas Period

hiring a skip bin over christmas

Hiring Skip Bins Over The Christmas Period

Are you planning a week of activities over the christmas period? You may have experienced this before, that after a week of celebrations and unwrapping gifts that your normal bin collection day feels likes weeks away and even then all that additional rubbish will not fit in your household bin. By hiring in a skip bin over the christmas period , you will find that you will have some where to store your rubbish and maybe have a little extra room to clean up after the celebrations are over. 


The Benefits of Skip Bin Hire at Christmas

Christmas and New Years is the perfect time to start the New Year with a clean slate. You could clean up to make room for all your new Christmas presents and dispose of the old unwanted items. The bin may come in handy over the holiday period to complete some of those odd jobs you have been pitting off all year.

The bin is excellent to have around to help clean up after all the festivities and also a handy way to dispose of the unwanted christmas tree when the new year period is over.


Are there restrictions on skip hire over the Christmas period?

Like most businesses many skip bin hire companies close down over the christmas period, so its best plan ahead and not leave to the last minute.

Its important to remember if a permit is required to store your bin  these do have limits depending on your local council ( this generally applies to bins being stored on road or on public land). If your planning to have a bin at home over the holiday period it is best to have the bin stored on your property i.e your driveway

Be sure to check with your skip hire company on there closing dates so you know exactly how long you will have the bin.


Recycling Christmas Waste

A lot of households have the artificial christmas trees, these cannot be recycled. Then there is the real trees, they can be recycled as they often shredded to make compost.

Cardboards, papers and christmas cards can be recycled.


Skip Hire Over The Christmas Period

For more information on our skip bin hire services please contact us on 0417499656 or email us at info@skipandbinhire.com.au

We wish our many loyal and new customers a merry xmas and a happy new year and thank you for your continued support!



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