How To Dispose Of White Goods

how to dispose of white goods

How To Dispose Of White Goods

Are you updating your fridge, the microwave or stove? When it comes to white goods disposal have you ever considered if they may be recyclable, or wandered  if there are other alternatives to landfill and if your white goods can be disposed of in a sustainable way? White goods can take up valuable land space, are not biodegradable and may leach toxins into our environment.

White Goods or Brown Goods

White goods are your large electrical appliances such as

  • fridges
  • freezers
  • washing machines
  • clothes dryers
  • stoves

All the above are considered white goods even though today they come in a range of colours or todays more fashionable colours

Brown Goods – these are your other household electronic goods such as old televisions, stereos, cd players, dvd players etc..

White Goods Not Just Every Day Waste

As noted earlier white goods are heavy and non biodegradable and may cause harm to our environment , therefore making the practice of disposal different from your every day waste

  • white goods consist of valuable and recyclable scrap metals, such as steel and copper which can be recovered to create new appliances
  • some older style fridges and freezers may contain toxic substances
  • white goods that are beyond repair should be disposed of correctly and should not be dumped illegally, by recycling and removing whitegoods you can assist in reducing green house gases and save our landfills. Did you know that 70% of material from white goods are recoverable?


Ways to Dispose of White Goods

  • Garage Sales – If your white goods are still working and simply replacing with new, instead of throwing them out and disposing of in landfill why not sell them at your next garage sale, sell them on gumtree or facebook market place, freecycle or use the classifieds in your local area.
  • Donate to Charity – Your local charity may be in need of white goods for people in need who cannot afford to replace or buy a new fridge or washing machine.
  • Your Local Retailer – Some retailers offer to take away your old goods when they drop off your new items, as they have recyclers that will call and collect from their outlets and dispose of them in an environmentally friendly way.
  • Scrap Metal Merchants – Try your local scrap metal dealer. They will often call and collect should you not have a way of transporting to them, keeping in mind that fridges and freezers have coolants in them and need to be disposed of in a special way.
  • Hire A Skip Bin – By hiring a Skip Bin Central Coast it may be the most efficient and convenient way to dispose of white goods and other scrap metals. At Skip and Bin Hire we provide services across the Central Coast, so you don’t have to drive all the way to a recycling facility or landfill.. We are able to drop off a bin so you can load it with your old appliances, where it will be collected and taken to a licenced facility for redistribution.


Limiting White Good Waste

You can limit white good waste by making more conscious choices on the products your purchase

  • By choosing products that have energy efficient star ratings
  • Unless your items are in in a state of disrepair keep them until they need replacing
  • Purchase products that carry good warranties

White goods can be expensive to replace and may also be difficult to dispose of but if you keep in mind the above tips you will be helping in minimising waste at landfills and also know you are disposing of your waste responsibly.


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