How to stop your neighbour filling your skip bin


Lets take a look at some quick tips on how to stop your neighbour using your skip bin. Have you just hired in your skip bin, gone outside to fill it up and you’ve realised that someone has helped themselves to your bin?  Well yes it’s rude especially when you have paid for the bin! 

Lets have a look at how you can minimise the chances of this happening.

Get In First

Filling your bin in a timely manner is a strategic point, because if its full, there is no room for them to place their waste. Neighbours may see that a skip bin is their opportunity to throw a few things away, not realising this may pose a problem for the person that hired it. Whilst this is not necessarily the right thing to do they are still in all likelihood reasonable people. By setting some neighbourly boundaries around you skip can prevent this from happening. You may choose to let your neighbour use your skip, but make sure you tell them to wait until you have finished with it first.

The other advantage of filling your skip bin early is that you can arrange an early pickup which means you don’t have to have your rubbish lying around longer than you need too.

Cover your Skip Bin

Covering your skip bin with a tarp usually gives the indication that it is already full or gives the indication that it is off limits. A covered skip bin makes it more difficult for passers by to throw their rubbish in your bin.


Placing you bin a well lit area or shining a security light or a motion sensored light on the bin. Nothing like seeing the culprit caught out and run off when the light shines. No one likes to be caught red handed.

Even though most people who hire a skip don’t have a problem it doesn’t hurt to have a few tricks up your sleeve to deter others from using your skip. Remember you paid for the skip and if you don’t have enough space you will need to order another one in to complete your clean up.


People are less likely to enter your property if the bin is placed in your driveway they will realise its for private use. Many assume if its out the front its a free for all. By limiting access to your bin by placing in your drive or near your house you a sending the message its for private use.


Let your neighbours know that you have hired the bin for yourself and that you intend to fill it , so your neighbours don’t join in.


Lets hope the tips listed above deter the bin bandits and prevent your neighbours using your skip bin !


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