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Skips come in all shapes and sizes, so we are sure to have one that is suitable for your project. However, choosing the right sized skip bin is in important factor to consider and will impact on the project in which your are working, especially if you under estimate. 

Our quick and easy skip size guide will assist you in choosing the skip that best suits you.

If you order a skip that is to small and you still have waste and may find yourself having to order in another bin. If you order a bin that is too large, you could have saved yourself a few dollars and would paying to dispose of fresh air!


Consider how much waste you have 

Before ordering you skip bin, considering the amount of waste you have or the amount you are going to generate is the first step to ensuring you are ordering the correct size.

Whilst it may not always be easy to estimate the amount of waste you are going to generate but giving it some time and consideration is a step in the right direction and you will be making a more informed decision. Our skip bin size guide is a great place start if your considering bin hire for you clean up.


What Type Of Waste do you have?

Did you know the type of waste you will be disposing of can have an impact on your costs? For example did you know that disposing of garden or green waste alone can be much cheaper than traditional general waste disposal? The same can be said for concrete. By specifying your waste type at the time of booking can help reduce your costs of hire.


Considering the Size of your Project and Bin Placement

When it comes to placement of the bin it is also good to consider access, a difficult access may mean your bin cannot be placed in the desired location

  • Check low hanging powerlines or tree branches
  • Make sure your bin is not going to block pedestrian access or traffic
  • Is there enough space in your garden area or drive way. Placing the bin in your driveway will prevent troublesome neighbours from filling your bin
  • Check where the bin is to be placed is not in a position to cause harm to yourself or others
  • Ensure there is plenty of room for truck access
  • Inspect the ground, is it solid? This also relates to truck access, check the surface is solid and clear so the truck can realistically reach your desired spot for bin location. A slight incline is fine, the truck cannot magically climb steep cliffs or driveways
  • Consider where your rubbish is located. Is the waste at the front of your property or from the back yard. It would make sense to have the bin as near as possible for loading, Make the location as easy as possible for easy loading


Why Choose Skip and Bin Hire?

  • A hassle free skip bin hire service
  • Reliable delivery
  • Prompt Collection
  • Friendly Customer Service


Have you checked everything above? You have the perfect place for your skip bin and have viewed our skip bin size guide, simply call us to get your bin ordered. Be sure to notify us if there is any potential hazzards or instructions we should know about prior to delivery.


Should you have any enquiries about your scheduled bin delivery call us on 0417499656 or send us an email and we will respond to enquiry.



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